Bring it out

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Bring your feet to the ground, toss that bed sheet away from your sleepy body. Open the shades and let the sun shine in. Open your eyes and think about the lazy day ahead of you. Brew yourself some coffee or enjoy the one prepared by your beloved partner. Read the morning paper while sipping, quickly sifting through all the bad news. Look for merry facts, unusual and odd events. bring a smile to that grumpy face.


Jump into proper day clothes, leave in the bedroom that ugly striped pajamas. You don't deserve them. Neither does your grand'pa. Shave or not, wash or not (preferably do though). Brush teeth, comb hair, tie shoe-laces. Discard the neck tie, this is not a normal working day. Grab your strongest will and craziest courage and pack a bag. Warm and cold clothes, comfy walking shoes, headlight and sleeping bag.


Take a world map and throw anything at it. Be it a pencil or a dart, a ripe grape, well, litterally anything. Mark the landing spot, open your wallet and reach for your credit card. Open laptop, book the nearest flight available. Call for a taxi and leave everything behind. Quicly get a hold of wife and kids if you got any loved ones. Burn no energy on the ride to the airport, you might need that when you get there. Enjoy the discovery! Don't mind pictures. open your eyes and your heart and go out to meet the locals. To be continued...

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